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Sand bath

Get a wet bath while you buried yourself in the heart of Merzouga’s desert – live the adventure with a local professional burier from Relaxingdesertcamp residence!

Merezouga desert for Moroccan people is a hospitality, people come to be buried in sand, they believe that high degree of the sands the best cure for Rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis), and many get recovered after buried, and the idea widely spread, and people come from all over the world, not necessary for the hospitality some of them found it funny; so, they come to experience this new activity. 

You will go from your tent where you stay of Relaxingdesertcamp with an official local burier in the right time to the sand dunes for burial experience; usually, you go when it’s sunny and hot. You take with you all what you will need for this adventure such us Parasol (to protect your head and eyes from the hot sun), Visor or a hat, Sheet (to be covered when you get out from your sand hole), and lot of water of course.

After the burial in sand of Merzougas’ desert, you get back to your tent stay where you will have another bath in the modern bathrooms that are offered by Relaxingdesertcamp’s services. Then, you will have your lunch and time for relaxing to refresh back.

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