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About us

Relaxingdesertcamp, your best desert camp for a comfortable holiday in Merzouga

Relaxingdesertcamp, is an independent desert camp, dedicated to provide tent-stay, restaurants services, and desert activities in Merzouga, Morocco’s Sahara Desert. Nomadic tent has been a symbol of desert and a house for Sahara’s inhabitant as a temporary building. However, we in Relaxing desertcamp have developed the idea because most of tourists like most to camp in a tent in the heart of desert instead of modern hotels. So, we have the best tents feats all requirements of the visitor and meets the new travelers camping. We have traditional and luxury tent camps; you can find your dream tent equipped with all what you will need for residence: dressed rooms with sofa beds, bathroom, modern toilet, towels etc. Also, we have different optional tents: individual tent, family tent (with one bed for two, and four lone beds), tent for couples, team tent etc. Furthermore, we taught to make our services more unique; so, we added desert activities to our service to make our clients satisfied and to make them live unbelievable souvenir in desert of Merzouga such as camel trek, sandboarding, sand bath, 4X4 journey and other ones. Additionally, we have restaurants as well with the best chef-cuisines serving divers and multiple recipes: Moroccan traditional and class dishes, meals of different countries (under reservation), all kind of drinks…; Moroccan cuisine known as a worldwide example with its delicious recipes, and lot of cuisines inspired by the Moroccan one.

Who are we?

Relaxingdesertcamp, founded by a team working together as one family. We are inhabitants of Merzougas’ desert; so that, we know everything about the area, people and culture of the Sahraouis. We have raised in Merzouga and the region, in Berber villages. For us and after a long experience with visitors, we dedicated ourselves to help tourists have a wonderful memory in desert and provide him with the best of what he can do in the desert landscape as well as allowing him to discover the later leisurely. Our team have more than one language so, either you speak French, Spanish, Englich, or Chines, you can find whom you will contact with. Your comfortable is our concern.

Why choose relaxingdesrtcamp?

We are a travel lover and we take to consideration all details of travel-needs. You will find all the conditions and circumstances of a relaxing stay at our tent camps. We are working professionally and what our website included is just an overview for the visitor to know about us and our services. Yet, when you contact us, you can edit, change or suggest any other service that has to do with residence and if it’s possible we will follow. Our main goal is to represent our country in the best image and to make the tourists satisfied as well.

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you contact us after reading about us. For further information, you can contact us.