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Walking Tour Over Golden Dunes of Erg Chebbi

You don’t need your shoes on desert in a cool day!

While you’re in desert, you can discover the region on your foot and visit the nomadic Berber villages. When we talk about the village of Merzouga, you have to bear in mind that it’s not too large; thus, you can have a stroll over it in a short time.

What is seen here, is that the tourists like to walk around desert allowing themselves to discover Sahara desert on their own way and visiting the Berber villages in the region having the opportunity to talk to the inhabitants.

Some of the visitors love barefoot walking on sand sea. That’s make them feel comfortable and joinable. When you walk with barefoot, you feel the send touching you and giving the calm you needed for your soul. It’s a wonderful feeling that cannot be described only can be lived.

Shoes on sand dunes may hurt you and lead you feel uncomfortable so, you may not need them. Also, sand is a safe landscape can do no harm to your foot if you walked barefoot. At night you will have a seat with the local people enjoying the traditional music and drinking mint-tea; here you will see most of them with no shoes and if you asked them why, the answer would be, because we feel comfortable.

In addition, if want to jump on the high sand dunes of Erg-Chebbi your shoes will not help because you will take them off each jump you have.

However, when the sun is very hot you shouldn’t be barefooted on desert that would hurts you.