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Camel Trekking

To be sure that you have been in desert you must trek a camel!

It’s not that easy to have a camel because it might me too expensive. Yet, Relxingdesertcamp invested on camels to allow its clients experience camel trekking as the best way to explore desert and reach any destiny in the latter.

Camel is referred for as send-ship, source of desert, and lion of desert as well. And that’s because of its important as proper vehicle can be used ever in desert and also, a source of entertainment. The characters of the camel are what make it a symbol of desert where it adopted to the landscape of the latter.

While you arrive to our tents camp, you will have time of relaxing and explore the local of stay. Then, our team will prepare you for a camel trek to the heart of desert in Erg-Chebbi sand dunes. About 1hour or more on camel’s back living the adventure in a slow emotion, enjoying every such step of the camel. You can have pictures and stop wherever you wish.         

The camel will be guided with an official local guide and camel’s owner to make your experience extraordinary. On camels’ back you will feel yourself a captain of the ship having lot of fun and enjoying the golden send journey.

You shouldn’t mess this activity while you’re in desert; maybe you wouldn’t have the opportunity once again to experience it.

We are providing our clients of all what they will need for a camel trek. Contact us to know more about this wonderful memory you can have.